Any updates on the snapshot/close-out of the SPO Poll by Cardano Foundation?

Hey Cardano!

Happy summer of governance for everyone in the ecosystem. Am curious to know if there is any updates of the CF Snapshot / Report from the recent on-chain SPO vote. According to my understanding, the breakdown was as follows:

Epoch 1: 412 (SPO vote)
Epoch 2: 413 (SPO vote)
Epoch 3: 414 (redelegate)
Epoch 4: 415 (redelegate)
Epoch 5: 416 (snapshot)

Based on the above graphic, it seems to indicate that a report would come during the 5th Epoch of this timeline. However, in the second blog post, the description was more general, stating, “Afterwards, the Cardano Foundation will snapshot the results and draft a report.”

Would love to know any specifics on the progress of this snapshot and timeline for the report publication. Thanks in advance for any insights, and hope everyone is doing well!