AOSP as a possible mobile base for secure Cardano phones (see Solana)

Today Solana announced their entrance into the mobile phone market (Solana Labs Is Building a Web3 Mobile Phone). As a dabbler in mobile phone OS’s (have an AOSP build to de-google my own phones, and have built a couple of apps), I have thought that eventually, blockchain ecosystems would want to move into this space in order to build more secure mobile devices for transaction and wallet security.

With Cardano’s Dish partnership, and the work going on with “World Mobile,” it might make sense to move into this space sooner than I had previously thought.

AOSP is the acronym for Android Open Source Project–the Open Source code prior to any Google added software. There are many projects built on top of AOSP, but two of my favorites are Android Extended Edition and GrapheneOS.

It would be really nice to build a phone to work with the AOSP base and extend that base to have secure communications and wallet security for the Cardano ecosystem. A secure dApp store could be built on top etc.

I am hoping that others find such a move also valuable, and am willing to discuss ideas here to get a coherent framework in place if Cardano decides to pursue such a path.

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