Aragon chain vs. DAO on cardano

I’m analysing what approach to use for a DAO app. I have some ideas of what would be suitable from a functional perspective related to have the DAO app will work. I am however interested in others opinions on this from a technical perspective.

Aragon chain will be faster, cheaper but less secure than Ethereum. As I understand it, running contracts on cardano will also be faster and cheaper, but more secure than ethereum. Aragon chain is built using Cosmos SDK and ethermint to provide more transaction bandwidth the way I understand it.

How suitable is Cardano for DAO’s as opposed to Aragon Chain in general? In which usecases would one be better than the other. In both usecases a rich DAO would probably make use of some p2p database for data storage outside of the blockchain, like OrbitDB or textile ThreadDB, so how much requirement do we have for speed and throughput?

It seems clear that Aragon chain is not preferred for DeFi dapps, but how about social / governance dapps?

Curious on how you’re reading the space as it is and as it will be?