Are Staking Pools Anti-Decentralization?

Does staking pools really contribute to a decentralized network or does it create geographic clustering like what is happening in mining/proof-of-work models? If Cardano scales in performance with more participants (like torrent), then more individuals participating will benefit the network–even if they are not always online.

I agree that delegation will benefit those who does not want to have their computers always on. However, I also think it will discourage those who own a small amount of coins from ever participating because of the disproportionate chance against a staking pool. Like what happened to bitcoin with mining farms and pools, it’s not profitable to setup your own miner now.

It would be great if someone from IOHK could explain if the Cardano POS would still encourage small token holders to participate instead of just delegating. What are your thoughts?

What you are asking is not “delegating”

It is somehow decentralized. But I am pretty sure some big guns will take over and I share your concerns. I just don’t see a way out.

We are also going to create a pool. Just started 10 days ago. And really hope to get support from users. We will see.