Ask Yourself, Should I be Running a Stake Pool?

I’m not a coder…and I’m getting mainnet set up now…just finished installing relay in the cloud and moving onto setting up the core in the cloud as well. If I can do it with no background in IT, you as a programmer can certainly do it. Yes it takes a long time the less experience you have in general, but I love the tech, I love math, I love computers, I love cutting-edge technology, and I love linux, so nothing will keep me from it…only time. :wink:


JT I’m like you, not a developer, but not ignorant of windows, android, and a little Linux. I tried for about 3 weeks to set up a sStaking Pool on Digital Ocean. It didn’t work. too complicated for me, so I’m resorted to staking and support some other pools that have not yet earned blocks.
But if I meet someone in Berlin, where I live, I would love to be a co-owner. Does anyone need a partner?

So happy to find this channel and seeing others in the same boat… out of curiousity I started searching how to setup a stake pool but felt this was another waste of my time where Imay be completely out of my depth.