Aspiring Blockchain Developer from USA (Alabama)

Hello all, I’m glad to be here. I’ve loved the concept and has been loosely following Cardano for some years now. I distance myself from the crypto space almost the better part of year due to personal reasons. I came back as the big DeFi/Yield Farming profits & craze was dying down, so I missed out on a lot off profits. But through it all Cardano still remains my #1 interest.

With that said, I decided I want to get into Blockchain development, especially Cardano. I’ve been introduced to several programming languages over the years, but have never been employed or developed any projects with my programming knowledge so I’m learning Javascript and completing exercises to progress my knowledge/experience.

There is so much content to filter through in the Programming/Cardano communities in order to reach my goal of becoming a valid blockchain developer. So, if anyone is willing to point me in the direction where a newbie developer can get some guidance or a Programming Mentor that would be really helpful.