Asset transfer stuck at submitted Yoroi wallet

Need help on how to cancel or reprocess this transaction, I did multiple transaction and all the others are successful except for this one.


There is no cancellation feature.

But after this amount of time, you can be quite sure that the transaction never reached the Cardano network.

If you resync your wallet, it will probably also be purged from Yoroi’s view.

Also, if you redo the transaction and the redone one goes through, this one will fail if it still lingers somewhere (very small possibility anyway), since things cannot be transferred twice.

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The Transaction ID is not on the blockchain, so I believe your asset is still inside the wallet.

try to resync the wallet as @HeptaSean suggested

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Ah, thanks, Alex, I didn’t get that in the first reply: You probably have to resync, because otherwise Yoroi thinks it’s still in process and won’t allow you to send it again.