At least 917 projects are based on Cardano, and this is just a fraction of what is to come

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It’s been a few weeks since I last posted one of these charts, and the #Cardano ecosystem has been continuing to grow impressively that whole time.

*Through our programs, we’re now tracking over 900 projects building on Cardano. NFT collections account for the lions share, along with multiple marketplaces – a testament to the thriving community, no-smart-contract-needed experience and low fees. *

We’re also seeing new DEXs and Dapps - many bringing DeFi innovations thanks to Cardano’s UTXO model - launch every week. So quantity AND quality. And the June ‘Vasil’ platform upgrade (with its network and smart contract optimisations) will be like a double shot of espresso for an already buzzing project.

So when do you reckon we’ll get to 1k then…?

Tim Harrison [@IOHK_Tim] - April 28, 2022
Vice President Community & Ecosystem
Input Output Global