Attribution of meta data to an address - the sending use case

Following on from my suggestion for a read-only wallet like Monero has: How about a read-only wallet; think Monero's "view key"

I’ve spent some more time thinking about wallet operations. Specifically the “sending of ADA” use case.

On the roadmap there is an action to “shorten addressing” - this is nice and all that, but not particularly useful IMHO. Other forum users have expressed concern about the possibility of sending to the wrong address. Charles Hoskinson has talked about voluntarily adding meta data to transactions.

To the guy working on “address shortening” (Duncan Coutts) can you fix it so that an address can have generic meta data (voluntarily) attached to it on the blockchain. Some text, an image, whatever. Then the wallet could display this meta data prior to a send operation.

This would be particularly useful for mobile phone wallets, which would probably use character recognition software to read the sending address from a display. These character readers sometimes make mistakes, displaying the meta data prior to payment would be that secondary check. I scan the ADA address with my mobile, the wallet displays the image of Starbucks (or whoever) and I press send.


This would be good.

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