Wallet Addresses

Howdy folks,

I’m new to this forum and was following up on a couple of interesting threads.
I was also studying the Cardano roadmap and I really like what I am seeing.

But let’s rewind: as I think that URLs and the DNS system, as we know them today, were IMHO a killer feature of the Internet (back in the day still called ARPANet and what not) to memorize document locations better than up to 12 digits IP-numbers, I was wondering if something similar would be planned for wallet addresses.

Sure in the roadmap the Cardano dudes are talking about

Human Friendly Addresses

A wallet consists of a set of addresses, with Ada at each address. Currently, wallet addresses are a long string of numbers and letters, which cannot easily be distinguished from each other at a glance. This feature will make it possible to have shorter wallet addresses that will be easier to communicate. In particular Cardano addresses are currently a lot longer than Bitcoin addresses. The goal of this work is to have addresses that are much closer in length to those of Bitcoin. This will be done by minimising the information represented in the addresses and improving the way that stake delegation information is represented.

But addresses much closer to Bitcoin still do not make them necessarily more human readable, I think.
Do you know if there is such a feature planned, because I think it would help a lot for broader adoption.

I know: many crypto enthusiasts are now screaming as this has nothing to do with anonymity and privacy and I understand that. But on the other hand, Cardano states that they have both in mind: privacy and the needs of the regulators. So while most people probably want privacy and to stay anonymous for much of their payments, I am not sure if that makes it practicable for other official wallets where you want to send ADA to.

For example:
If I want to send x amount of ADA to e.g. a vendor like Amazon (far-future scenario probably), it would not be really handy to memorize a huge hash of data, as well as it might not be very handy in order to scan a QR code, because I am on a computer. I remember there was a huge outcry when the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) came out. People were complaining about the length of the IBAN (11-digits I believe) and how that makes it prone for typos and misdirected payments. And that is easy compared to wallet addresses.

I don’t know guys, maybe I am thinking too far ahead… Maybe I am a little too enthusiastic, and maybe I also just misunderstood the whole purpose of these cryptic addresses, but I am happy if someone wants to teach me on that matter :slight_smile:

All the best

Human readable in the short term might just be ‘shorter’. I am not sure how far the research and investigation is. Cardano will be capable of having multiple address types.

With copy/paste I don’t see addresses as much of a problem.

Me neither. But we are probably all quite tech savy people.
If you want broader acceptance and usage of Cardano by non-tech people, I think there is a big need for wallet addresses being as simple as possible.
Otherwise - as I mentioned earlier - we might still be copy&pasting IPs into our browser bar or email clients.
Everything computer related turned into a revolution, when stuff was made easy for non-technical people. When computers could be used more intuitively (e.g. moving from text input to a GUI).
I think it is this “how would grandma use this program” kind of approach that makes a difference.
Hope this makes sense…


For really wide usage you’re absolutely right.