AWS Stakepool Support Question Please

Hi Community

Would like to say love being apart of this project and truely respect its aims and ambitions.

I want to be able to contribute by setting up a stakepool. I did it before using just a single VM on AWS to run my BP node and relays. This was running great.

Then I realised that to be more competitive and provide a better service i need to separate these out. So I created two VMs on AWS one for the BP and one for my first relay

Now my relay’s topology file has the iohk relay on port 3001 and has my BP on port 3000. In my BP Node I only have my relay on port 3001. Everything is set to Valency 1 except for the IOHK nodes which is set to 2.

When i start my relay i believe i am syncronising with the chain as I have peers which are coming from IOHK. However when i start my BP node nothing is syncing, peers are 0.

I have checked the ports and for testing purposes i enabled all traffic inbound and outbound on aws for my nodes. But nothing is happening. I have removed the DB files several times and tried to restart but nothing. My startup scripts have the host addresses and ports correctly, even tried with host addr

I am not sure if i am missing something or dont understand the process fully. Any advice would be greatly appeciated

Hmm a bit hard to say right now.

I run on AWS too.

Does your relay spit out anything about trying to connect to your block producer if you put it in SimpleView and maybe bump the minimum logging to Debug?