Backup relay is not talking to BP

Dear Cardano community,

I recently added a backup relay to my BP. I set the same CUSTOM_PEERS configuration on the pointing to the BP’s IP and port just like my other relay. I added the new relay’s IP to the BP’s firewall to allow TCP requests to go through the configured port and modified the staking pool with the new relay configuration using cntools. Everything looks fine on My backup relay is already registered and it’s online. My BP is even talking to it. However, my BP is not showing this new relay as a IN peer, just OUT.

Is this normal? Or does anyone know what could be wrong here?

Many thanks in advance for the help!

Try from the relay

telnet Producer-IP Producer-PORT

u should see connected

Hi Alex. Many thanks for your answer. It says connected after running the telnet command from the backup relay.

then go back on relay to topology updater… did u added the correct IP+ port to custom peer and also uncommented the line?

also check if the services running well

sudo systemctl status cnode-tu-fetch.service

I forgot to uncomment the line. That was the issue. Thanks for your time and help Alex!

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