Bad feeling

I’m consistently buying more every week. I hope it stays low until June so I can keep collecting. I’m confident about the project and the work they are doing. I just keep making my ADA pile a little bigger. I can’t hardly wait for the pools to start though.

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I also can’t wait , I guess 4-6 weeks isn’t overly long to wait I just wish they would of showed some kind of progress on the roadmap. Even if it moved up by 1% not a fan that none of the features at all showed any progress that I noticed

The only reason I noticed a difference is because I took screenshots and compared it after they uploaded. Look for paper wallets to be pushed out at the end of April and staking pools around the beginning of June. Look for more exchanges in another week or two.

What will be next good buying price point?

I dont give advice to other people, but my own targets are 0.25, and then 0.10 and 0.05 or anything around a 1-billion market cap - but I am not “waiting” around for it to happen, I will just use the opportunity to pick up.

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i can see 0.25 happening. but 0.10? not sure about that although it would be a blessing and a huge opportunity to accumulate.

Why not? We were at 0.10 just 4 months ago…

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I’d love to see 0.10, good spot to average down. 0.27-0.28 support is extremely resilient. Any reason you think we’re going sideways?

I need to withdraw more cash from retirement savings now XD


Even at 0.10 we are still valued at 3 Billion dollars, I know this sound small in the crypto-world since its full of newbies that has never been involved with markets… But 3 Billion is a lot… It might not happen, but it definitely could. The best would be we go side-ways for a long time now, consolidate and build a support… If thats at 0.25, great, if thats at 0.10, great… It is just the lower it goes, the easier that will be… The market will show us where that will be.

But for me its very simple, there is just too much hype and excitement we need to flush out. What is very positive though, is no one cares about Cardano. That is great, it is a sleeper. No big channels on youtube cover it and know very little about it, and we dont have all the kids and pumpers like tron, neo and others. So thats positive, very positive. When they get in, we are definitely overvalued.


I guess the tether fraud and the beginning of ICO’s regulation will bring the whole market down. I’m waiting for 0.10, 0.15 too.

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Oh yeah the tether bomb… But who knows when it will unravel… But yeh that disaster is going to be huge and will probably bust a couple of exchanges in the process… But I could also easily see tether going on for much much longer but obviously it will just get worse, since it grows bigger and bigger in the process.

To be honest I think the ICO regulation could even benefit the larger coins, seriously most of these ICOs are shit… and also why cant we just run these application on the network without having their own tokens, just use the main token… Like if you run a poker platform, use ada, and take a fee, and make a profit. Instead of all these tons of tokens…

The ICO market is toxic, it destroys capital, and take money away from serious things… ICOs are great, once we can make them securities, then there is real use. Capitalize companies everywhere, and they dont even need to be block-chain based.

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I believe in you. Waiting for my deposit to drop, and I will be trading a position. You guys are doing a fantastic job!

You probably know this already and were just using being quick, for the benefit of anyone else:

  • a market cap of X doesn’t really mean a value of X

(except in the case of a fully collateralised token, Digigold, Tether etc. where it does/should)

Mkt Cap is simply: last price * supply

(circulating supply, max supply; take your pick, whatever)

To understand why S * P = X billion Mkt Cap is not X billion of value, you must imagine a person with 1% of the Supply wishing to exit.

They will NOT be able to achieve ( 0.01 * S ) * P. As soon as they start dumping, the price would move very low very quickly, as their sell trade ate through the buyers on the order book.


2 cents in november

ADA have planned burning coins?? burning coins really help in the price…

No, there is no planned coin burn.

The opposite actually, there will be more supply coming once staking goes live and further distributions of the max supply are made.

But one good thing will happen…when staking starts, a LOT of coins will be locked in…hence circulation “should” decrease significantly (I think) hopefully driving the price up…

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That’s what I’m hoping for as well.