Bad feeling

I have a bad feeling about the update to come… Nothing but good news and more recognition past wile yet keeps dropping… Makes me worried some people know somthing I don’t about the update tonight…

There wont be much in the update, they will just move the % of progress around. Shelley wont come before several months. Price is dropping for obvious reasons, we gotta flush out weak hands. You are meant to have a bad feeling, that is the whole purpose. Now go ahead and sell.


You got to understand that little has been rolled out yet, so until it we have more, you’re not going to see a whole lot of adoption. What it boils down to is if you believe in the team and project.


I suppose, it’s just the fact there was quite a few large 1 person sales right before an update l… I just always worry about inside trading with crypto… it’s the biggest hesitant I have and why I only invest 10% of my portfolio in crypto

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It’s a baby still in development, you will have missed deadlines, “bad” roll-outs, go backs etc …

Having bad feelings about it is normal. You are buying in to an idea, not a solid product.
When buying an idea you can treat bad feelings in 4 ways …

  • ignore them and hold, if you already own
  • sell now with the hope to buy back later if you believe it will be just a long dip followed by a long recovery
  • sell if you think the market will kill the baby before it reaches teenage
  • do not buy yet and wait untill you feel comfortable with the product

ya, well I am def holding. Just maybe easing up on buying the dips till the information update.

Insider trading doesn’t affect the market as a investor, insider trading might as well be legal, even in the stock market. It affects nothing, only people who dont understand the market is afraid of insider trading. I can tell you, out of everything, insider trading is not what you have to worry about.

Long team, no one who owns ADA now is going to loose.


I would agree except with crypto 1 bad announcement can decimate a currency.

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No it cant, the market will always find Its true value, no matter what someone says. It doesn’t matter… The announcement itself is not what would cause decimation, it would be real fundamentals. Hence why insider trading doesn’t change anything.

And don’t get me wrong I’m still holding a sizable amount (to me) of 12000 ADA so not that I don’t believe in the project. Was just venting my worries cause I can’t understand why people would sell on the heel of so much stuff coming out … unless they knew something I didn’t …

Well let me teach you a thing, the news dont matter at all, the market has to do what it has to do, and that is crush the most people.

Well news is one thing. But like if the roadmap update happened and 0 progress was made or big issues arose it would def be a major factor.

Yeah but then that would be the reality, insider trading or not. Insider trading did not change that reality. That is why “insider trading” is not something you should be worried about - rather worried about reality. You said in your second post that insider trading in crypto made you worried. I am just saying that insider trading, changes nothing.

Lets say an announcement would decrease the value of an asset by 50% being announced in 2 days… Lets say insiders start trading on it on day 1 and the price losses 20%, well then the next day it would just lose 30% making it 50% accumulative - vs a situation with no insider trading it would just drop 50% (instantly) on that day - you see how it changes nothing for you as an investor?

In fact, insider trading in this case reduced volatility and was a benefit to the market.

It only affects short-term traders, but we dont really need to worry about them, since they are liquidity providers. The market will adjust for this naturally that is why we might as well just remove the insider trading laws in the stock market so the market can deal with this much better - because it will happen regardless of legal or not, making it illegal just skews things as the market doesn’t properly price in and look for, insider trading. If insider trading was legal there would be a lot more skepticism in the market which would be good for pricing, because it happens even when illegal. Information would flow much more easily in such a environment.

I know this is contrary to intuitive belief or what most people say, but it is simply because most people have no clue how the market operates that they come to conclusions that are simply not true.

Lieing or spreading false information for own benefit should still be illegal of course, and we have a court-system to take care of these things - and the free market would also be free to make their own contacts with CEOs or employees, tailored to market needs.

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I’m at your first bullet point because I believe in the project and team. I think all the platforms have their strong points but if Cardano can deliver their roadmap then it’ll be looked upon as the best of the bunch


I think people who invest in Cardano tend to think long term.

Cardano is boring — when you compare it to cryptos trying to make a big splash, touting 2 billion transactions a second and free ponies for everyone that cure cancer. Cardano doesn’t (and won’t) make any outlandish claims because of their rigorous peer review. In general, I am pretty happy with Cardano trading sideways for the immediate and near future. If you are expecting to see a ton of price action from Cardano in the near future, you’ll be probably be disappointed.

However, if you want to buy into a cryptocurrency that has a high likelihood (if not the highest) of still existing 5+ years from now, then Cardano is probably your bet.

I tend to agree with Charles that the whole crypto market will eventually see a real “crash” which will weed out the majority of the “fake” cryptocurrencies (he’s been quoted as saying this multiple times). By this I mean cryptocurrencies that don’t provide any real world value will cease to exist. This will also likely include cryptocurrencies that don’t have a reasonable game plan to ever provide real world value and be sustainable.

Chess, not checkers.

All that said, when “the masses” figure out that Cardano is the real deal, then I think it will already be too late to be invested. For this reason, whenever I try to buy any other crypto, I tend to just buy more ADA because I think it is very, very undervalued for its future potential.

Just my 2 lovelaces.


Well I disagree with them being boring and not making huge claims. The treasury system and the idea of having a currency that a bank can loo

Oops I miss clicked and somehow posted before I was done… but ya I feel they have made a number of outlandish goals in the least, and the idea of accomplishing those goals is what has me investing but it does seem that people do think very long term with cordano and not worry about the day to day price

This advise holds true with most any kind of investment:

“The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient”

  • Warren Buffet

If the market zigs up and ADA zigs down, then be concerned. But it seems to be tracking the overall market fairly closely. Plans are progressing, code is being checked in to Github… it just takes time.