How do I justify the value of ADA and the net worth of investors?

Hi everyone,

Here are some quick thoughts of how I will justify the future value of ADA and how investors should justify their future net worth.



Very interesting viewpoint.

You certainly can not be called a pessimist.

I personally find it a little bit difficult to justify buying into a crypto-currency that has been plunging to new daily price lows in the last 6 months alone. Maybe it is just me, but I tend to assume investors have a brain.

At this point, I can not possibly see where those “Billion net worths” could come from, unless it is from the magical Shelley upgrade, if it ever comes to life.

I am sure Shelley will bring ADA price from almost zero to USD 5 over night as the whole world will suddenly rush into an ADA buying frenzy.

Nothing like having a strong product. It sells itself.

In the 21st Century it is totally unnecessary to launch marketing campaigns. I am glad Cardano didn t waste valuable resources on marketing. After all, what is truly important in the software industry is to create the perfect product and totally focus on that above all else. If it takes forever to do it, or the price plunges to zero, those are just secondary minor matters.


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hm …$5 you say :slight_smile: , overnight …
good luck

I know :nauseated_face:
I was being ironic…

You offered an example of sarcasm not irony…

mid 16th century: from French sarcasme, or via late Latin from late Greek sarkasmos, from Greek sarkazein ‘tear flesh’, in late Greek ‘gnash the teeth, speak bitterly’ (from sarx, sark- ‘flesh’).

Godio to be honest well said.

The border between sarcasm and irony can actually be very thin.

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True. You are right. In fact sarcasm is a form of irony.
However, good irony does suggest something paradoxical while sarcasm is simply saying something while meaning the opposite.
Someone told me once irony was what iron men use to bend their iron legs!
But we are off the OP’s topic now…

Thank you Atcalypso.

I went with ADA for the long run, so I tend to stay away from price discussions but I do follow prices regularly.

The above video mentioning future “billion net worths” when all we have in front of us is the recent total ADA price disaster (that gets worse by the day) just got me boiling: I had to post something.

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Nothing like always diving deep into knowledge and the finer detail.
Thank you for your input.

Thanks for your input too Rod.



Sarcasm? Ok, this is fun. But you are not a good analyst on issues of cryptoassets, since you ponder marketing and price over research and development, precisely in a space where robustness, security and reliability is one of the greatest virtues to be achieved. You have a world of options to invest your time and money.

GO Godio GO!

I obviously am not “a good analyst on issues of cryptoassets”. If I were, I would have waited until the price broke below ICO levels before investing in ADA, which is where we are headed in the next months should the current price trend prevail.

Also, since you don t seem to get the points easily I am going to explain it to you: I do not favor Price and marketing over a solid product. You do need to have a solid product to start with, but that alone is not enough. On top of all the research and development, you need to apply a lot of smart and consistent marketing over time in order to give your product a good fighting chance against the fierce competition.

It is not one or the other. It is one PLUS the other.

Do you get it now, Rodrigo Gonzalez, or do I need to explain it any further?

Thank you and cheers, Dave.

I sincerely appreciate the work you are doing with TCE. The community is elevated with your energy and your contributions. So thank you.

Unfortunately, I just have to say this particular message was a bit hard to bear. I’m feel I’m at a 40%-ish agree with what you’ve shared. It seems strangely misguided but I can’t really find a concise way to dialogue my opinion.

I can’t reply in full right now but I’ll try to come back to listen again and share my thoughts.

Regardless, thank you for putting this out there. I look forward to more content from you.

I am heavily invested in ADA for the long term. They are building an ecosystem, not just a blockchain and cryptocurrency. Having said that, i think the current price of ADA (though very low) is accurately priced by investors at the moment. ADA WILL BE a game changer but for now it’s worth about 6 cents. Here’s my opinions justifying this low price point valuation.
1.) ADA is not yet decentralized where as other crypto projects are.
2.) ADA doesn’t have a single production DAPP and other projects do
3.) Initially, Cardano did a horrible job at setting development timelines for deliverables. They didn’t know what they didn’t know. However they placed a roadmap timelines that didn’t take into account potential roadblocks for a project in uncharted waters. As a result, investors were disappointed everytime the goal line was pushed further in the name of “Getting It Right”. Consequently, ADA price relflects this perception rather than relecting its potential.
4.) Poor initial brand marketing which presented ADA more as a research and theoretical project rather than an investment vehicle for the future. In short, there are other crypto projects that are researching and developing but they highlight their investment potential also.
In conclusion, the current price of ADA is an accurate reflection and perception of what investors’ have experienced with ADA since the fall of 2017. ADA future price will be determined by the project deliverables that changes investors perception. I believe the team is more capable now, and the potential for valuation appreciation will be exponential. Just my humble opinions.


Your humble opinion is spot on!

I absolutely agree with your analysis, Ficon.

Excellent humble opinion. :slight_smile:

I only have two points to add:

  • If the price plunges beyond a “point of no return” it might be extremely hard to recover.

  • Even if the price improves with the conclusion and delivery of further technical developments, I suppose I am not alone in saying that I would like to see some positive price movement before the next 20 years.

I am not blaming the technical side of the project, I really believe it has very solid fundamentals and an extremely strong team behind it: It is clear that they are working hard and have achieved plenty. I am sure they will deliver on all the promises, at some point in the future. As you very well pointed out, I also believe ADA has all the potential to be a true game changer. That is why I also invested rather heavily in Cardano.

My whole point is that it is not enough to have a strong product. You also need to convey the right perception. Pure marketing 1 on 1 and I don t see a lot of it happening around ADA. When Cardano finally wakes up to the obvious need of marketing it might be too late.

After all, there are plenty of examples of superior technologies that were displaced by the lesser product that had a much better marketing effort behind it.

In short, I certainly do believe in ADA. Actually I truly think it is the strongest project currently available on the crypto-currency space. That doesn´t change the fact that I would like to see some serious marketing initiatives being implemented at this point. Otherwise, when Shelley finally arrives we risk seeing a…further decrease in price rather than an improvement. Certainly not my ideal outcome.


What does this even mean? Somehow today’s price (whether it be 1 cent or 1 dollar) dictates future demand for the asset? The value of ADA will be strictly determined by the real world demand for its use cases. This entire market is speculation, don’t kid yourself and think that any project in this space is accurately priced at this point. The question is, which projects will grow up to be real players and which ones will fizzle-out and offer nothing substantial or innovative to the space.