Baia’s Wine - Supply Chain Use Case - Can someone explain all the details

The baia’s wine case is truly exciting as a step forward for enterprise adoption. I understand how blockchain helps in this case and there is an interview in youtube by “your cardano update” - - with blockchain guy responsible for working with scan trust and cardano foundation.

I guess i just have a couple of questions regarding this one to fully understand, appreciate and then potentially apply to other businesses/country/use case.

A) Supply Chain (not fully familiar with supply chain )
a. This works by using scantrust’s QR technology to update all the metadata needed (ie from grapes, wine production, year, to importer, dates, country, tax?). Does this mean in each of these steps, the actors (importers, restaurants, winery, logistics (trucks)) would need to update these data in a database then it would be copied to the Cardano blockchain? How does that work? Coz that would mean that each of these actors will need to have read/write/submit access to that database.

B) Incentives and Rewards (i just want to understand where the value add will come from and therefore the need, or where to come in and add value and make a business)
a. Business (eg baias wine can tell better story, prove authenticity, end customer direct communication, higher revenues, expanded market, margin?”
b. Cardano Foundation
c. scantrust (third party)
d. Supply chain process (importers, government etc)
e. businesses (restaurants who sell baias wine)
f. ADA hodlers
g. Stake pools
h. Developers

C. Cardano system (sorry just a newbie again)
a. Will this require smart contracts?
b. Or just will this be on the mainnet ledger?
c. If youre baia, do you need to use ada to maintain this service?

I have so much questions but basically since this combines multiple topics which are siloed before blockchains, i just want to understand more how this works together in an end to end process and the incentives for all the actors here.

Thank you so much and I love you guys!

Ivan from PH