Canadian Beer Company uses blockchain to tell a farm-to-glass story

I shared this story on the Cardano Reddit page and wanted to share it here as well. This is not a Cardano specific project, however it’s a real world manifestation of Charles’ coffee supply chain story of how a food product can be tracked from point of origin to the end customer.

I understand by the rules of both the Cardano Reddit and even the Cardano Forum here that this may be bending the rules, but I feel this a great example of the initiative we’ve being understanding and supporting with Cardano’s efforts in other countries, specifically related to coffee. Through many interviews, Charles essentially describes verbatim what this beer company is doing with blockchain. Take a look.

This is an example of a real world use case we’re looking for.

[Please note that my account is consistently 100% supportive of Cardano on all platforms and although this project uses another blockchain, the intention is to highlight the example and not the other project.]