Blockchain for sustainability in the seafood industry

Hi Charles Hoskinson and the Cardano Team,
My name is Dow Kou, an ADA Fan, Crypto enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs . I’m very curious of the blockchain you are making for Ethiopia for the coffee industry for sustainability. Because I want to make one for the Seafood Industy for the US . My father is a major seafood player in the industry. In our industry we have major problem from traceability and sustainability. So I think using the Cardano Blockchain would help our industry out a lot. Hope I get a reply soon.

Dow Kou


Hi Dow!

You probably know this already, but in case not: a number of other blockchain projects are already focussing on the supply chain. This article is a year old but if you are just beginning to think about this it’s a good introduction and covers some existing applications.

I came across this project a while back and thought they had much to say about supply chain and this space. Was wondering if/how Cardano would partner with them:


Hi @Dow11
Welcome to the Cardano Forum! :wave:

I’m originally from Vancouver where the Van Aquarium started the Ocean Wise (seafood sustainability) program and its big in our city - so its great to hear of your passion! If you’re looking to build with Cardano, your best course of action at this point in time is getting in touch with Emurgo. They are one of the 3 organizations behind Cardano and looks after enterprises and projects that would like to use the Cardano protocol!

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Thank you for the Information. Do you know who would be the best contact in Emurgo ?? Im goin back to HK soon and see I can meet with up with one of your Organization to talk about this project.

I love supply chain idea’s! :heart_eyes::star_struck:
I hope you share more of your idea’s here on the forum, how it could come to fruition and most important the benefit of it, @maki.mukai has suggested talking with Emurgo but if your not in the position to take up the task yourself to design the system than it is possible Emurgo might not be able to help you as much as you would like as they (to my kowledge) are not setup to do all of the work for all of the great idea’s that are coming forward, but if you are passionate about a sustainable ocean food source and are willing to share your idea’s with other’s here then over time I have no doubt you can form a coalition that can work together to bring your idea’s to life.
In the past I was a Sushi Chef in the U.S. and now after that experience I am concerned with our seafood and how it can be proven to be sustainable, I am more than willing to join you in supporting a program, and if you are capable of securing assistance with Emurgo I am willing to assist you where I can, I know a few Chefs in the Rockies i could recruit to help on the project as they are also very interested in sustainable options.
I hope you can make a big change in our supply chain to get it verified to be sustainable! Good Luck!


I’m also a big fan of supply chain ideas. I think innovation possible with this tech in supply chain will be key to sustainability in general. Although supply chain is in some ways too complex to have one solution for all, there will be important patterns. We know that seafood production could wreck or help heal our largest global ecosystems, so it is important within the broader space of sustainable food production.

I’m also a big fan of more open IP for everything, building on OS software and progress in open manufacturing. I think the creative energy that will solve the big problems is widely distributed in DIY and other amateurs who build and design things because they love it. If we can implement various pay it forward institutions to foster this creativity and make it available through supply chain innovation, there will be plenty of wealth produced to pay back and invest in better futures.

Since supply chain is where many smallish local producers can form networks that deliver realized (consumed) value from it source, it is where the most leverage is to really change things economically towards both justice and sustainability.

To be sure, manufacturing supply chains from a design commons are very different from the ones needed in food production, but they still share a lot in terms of broadly stated purpose.

Hi Dow,
I wrote a few times through the Emurgo website without receiving even an automatic reply.
Then I wrote to and received reply within hours (she told me that “Contact us” form of website may not be working accordingly).
So I suggest you to write to her, :wink:

Speaking of “Seafood”, did you tried sea water by itself?

I´m drinking sea water since about 5 years ago and it is amazing. You can also clean your teeth, cook some food. After the breathmilk, is considered the most complete “food”. Just one drop of it contains ALL the elements of the periodic table
(Rene Quinton, 100 years ago, was considered the French Darwing, saving the lives of a lot of people with sea water)

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