Balance showing zéro

When I access my account with TrezorT, the balance is correct. But when I access the same account with the 15 word passphrase, the balance is zéro. Can someone tell me why, please ?

best regards,

Chris, Switzerland

Hi @Christomir_Stephanov,

I would guess that you first created a non-trezor wallet that gave you those 15 word recovery phrase. Then you put some ADA on it, then you bought a trezor and this trezor created a new cardano wallet, then you sent all your ada from the initial wallet to you new trezor wallet.

When you configure your trezor for the first time it creates a new and fresh cardano wallet for you and also gives you a recory phrase. This trezor recovery phrase controls all coins on your trezor, Cardano being one of them. So you should have 2 sets of recovery phrases if my theory is right.

Where are you accessing the account in the second instance? I don’t know much about cryptographic seed phrases but perhaps this other service is using a different standard for the phrase? BIP39 vs BIP44?