Swapping from ledger to Trezor

Hi Everyone

I recently lost my ledger which I had linked to a Yoroi wallet on my phone. I still have access to the app on my phone so can still see the balance of my Ada in there.

I recently replaced the lost ledger with a trezor t and used my 24 word seed from when I originally set up my ledger to restore onto the new trezor. Though when I use my new trezor to log into Yoroi or Adalite it shows zero balance.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

Are u sure u can restore a trezor wallet with ledger seed words?
Yes they can… I just read about

Now question… ur ada were in ledger wallet right?

The eth and algo that I also have came through when I did. Both are 24 word bip39 seeds.

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Yes Ada was using the ledger and since ledger live does not show Ada I used Yoroi wallet so I could see my balance.

I read something similar with ur situation:

Yeah just strange that the other coins show up and then don’t when connecting to Yoroi. Will have another play and see if I can get anything. Seems if I had another ledger I could just connect the ledger to the app I have installed on my phone and all would be ok. Just that trezor does not play with iPhone.

I’m sure it’s user error. I’ll report back if I get it working

We have recently discussed that in another forum. It seems, that it is no user fault.

Instead, according to the Cardano Improvement Proposal CIP3, the method how your keys and addresses are calculated from the 24 words are different between Ledger and Trezor.

It seems that Ledger is following the Bitcoin standards BIP39/BIP32, while Trezor, Daedalus and Yoroi are following the CIP3 recommendation („Icarus“ procedure).

This is not related to a different derivation path, as you may know it from other wallets, but to the very first step, when the master root key is calculated from the seed phrase.

Thus, you have to use another Ledger for importing the seed phrase. Or one would need the knowledge and have to invest some time, to change the wallet code manually.

@SebastienGllmt has indicated that already in another thread. I think it would be nice to have an import function in Daedalus, which uses the standard BIP procedure, so that in worst case one could import the Ledger seed phrase.

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Now more than 2 months later still no solution to the ledger seed incompatibility problem?

Where could I suggest a “restore wallet from ledger seed”-option for Daedalus?


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Hey, I have good news for you. I have just experienced the exact same issue. I have a Ledger Nano X that i had placed ADA onto (buy installing the Cardano app and navigating to Yoroi so I could manage the ADA). I then wiped my Ledger Nano X. I then used my 24 word recovery seed on a Trezor T (I could see all other wallets BTC, ETH etc.) and also attempted to access the same Yoroi via the web browser with my Trezor to see my ADA but I could not. I then restored my 24 words back on my wiped Ledger and then went back to Yoroi and bingo, it was there. Why this happens I think is explained above by @skyrmion . The simple answer to this issue is, if you created an ADA wallet on your ledger, it wont be viewable on the Trezor. Just buy another Ledger, restore your 24 word seed and then I guess transfer to your Trezor ADA wallet if that makes sense. Let me know how it goes, good luck

Thanks for your Information. This incompatiblity needs to be changed asap. Otherwise end users will loose trust in Cardano/ADA. Please support my IOHK-proposal:

I consider this a very important issue. A seed should always restore the same wallet, no matter if you use Daedalus, Ledger, Trezor, AdaLite, Exodus, Yoroi or Gero-Wallet.

There is no way to change this without breaking already onboarded users. See Cardano key derivation deviates on 24-word mnemonic · Issue #1387 · trezor/trezor-firmware · GitHub

The problem only arises, when a user wants to restore a wallet, mostly in emergency cases when the Ledger/Trezor is broken or not available.

A smart wallet could try the different key derivation paths using the given seed, to check if there is a non-empty wallet. The end user would not be aware of the seed incompatiblity, when the system is able to retrieve the funds.