After restore my ada balance is 0

For unknown reason my password changed after probably updating the latest version. In an attempt to make a recovery with the 12 words the wallet was with 0 ADA.
I tried to install the wallet on another computer and also the balance is 0 and 0 transfers, I opened a service call in my wallet and no one has yet returned to me, does anyone have a solution?

first check your address on cardano explorer to see if your adas are still there.
second make sure you have the right 12 words to restore the wallet.
if both are OK,you should have your ada in your wallet.
PS:after restore the wallet,check the receive address,it should match your original ada address.if not,then your 12 words are wrong.

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@guycarmi you need to double/ triple check the words you entered when restoring the wallet, it happened to me also and it turns out I got 1 word wrong/mispelled… You can check out your balance on if you happen to know your wallet address.

I have the same issue, i double checked the recovery phrase and made sure its correct.

Installed the app again, and reinstalled it, and restarted. and in the end the ada balance is always 0.

I need your help guys.