Balancing proof of stake pools

Hi guys I am new here to Cardano and cryptocurrency in general. I was doing some reading up on the technology behind Cardano and it occurred to me how important it would be for no single pool to have a majority stake. I was wondering if one solution to make sure pools where spread out would be to reward users more for staking into pools that where smaller and with diminishing returns once a pool became larger. I think this should be fairly simple to model mathematically. One way would be to use founds from the treasury for this or just to build it into the reward model itself. One would need a lock in period to prevent hopping too much too fast to give the pool owners some stability in income. Also if someone got nearer and nearer to a majority the reward would have to increase to prevent someone burning money for potential longer term rewards for having majority control.

In any case I was wondering on the litterature on this problem and where Cardano currently stand on this issue.