[BAM] Bamboo pool - donating to ecologi.com to plant trees and become carbon positive

Hey all,

I’m Matt - the owner and operator of the new Bamboo [BAM] stake pool.

Quick bit of background… I have spent the last 20 years in various IT roles; starting as a workshop engineer and finally settling into being a software engineer.

For a long time now I have been looking for a project to run which is outside of my normal day-to-day software engineering role, and when I read about the Cardano platform, I felt like I’d found something to spend my time on.

I have been a proponent of open source software for a long time, and through Cardano’s governance systems, Cardano follows my ideals of open source. The community and helpfulness I’ve seen through the various different Cardano forums has been really great!


Whilst thinking about starting a stake pool, I decided that one of the most important things should be that the stake pool must do something beneficial outside of Cardano.

Although Cardano is one of the most ecologically friendly blockchains, I’m sure we can do better, so I’ve made it the mission of Bamboo to donate 10% of its profits to ecologi.com.

Ecologi plants trees and grows forests to help individuals and businesses become climate positive.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could plant a Cardano funded forest!

About Bamboo

First of all, I know the pledge is small. Getting the SP up and running was my first priority, and it is my intention to increase the pledge over time.

  • Pledge: 100 ADA [a small amount, but from acorns grow oaks]
  • Ticker: [BAM]
  • Pool margin: 2%
  • Fixed fee: 345
  • Percent donated to charity via Bamboo mission: 10% of profits

The pool is hosted on servers in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, with relays in the UK and US, and the core node in the UK. I have 5 years’ experience in deploying different types of infrastructure to the Azure cloud, and many more years of Linux server admin, so I am confident that everything is as secure, redundant, and safe as possible.

Next steps:

  • Produce some documentation for how many trees we can plant via ecologi.com
  • Increase the pledge
  • Register a domain name for the website (I can’t post two links in this message! Booo.)


Amazing what you are doing! Great job!
I would like to invite you in our MDP group if you want to join our community;


Mission Driven Pools (MDP) is a collective of mission based Cardano stake pool operators.



Super! I’ll join now :slight_smile:

Nice, I’ve been looking for something like this :slight_smile: Positive Externalities and Choosing a Stake Pool

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You can check our site