Introducing CO2-Pool [CO2P] – support blockchain decentralization and climate activists

Hi, My name is Stefan. Together with my family, I live in the medium-size town Goettingen in the middle of Germany. I am not an IT professional, my profession is environmental engineering. Since I studied in the 90s, world changed a lot. At my university in Berlin more than 20 years ago, we already discussed topics like climate change. It was somehow theoretically, despite we already saw increase in Carbon Dioxide concentrations and it was clear that this is linked to industrialization since the 19th century. But now, in the year 2020, we can see it very clearly and drastically, what it means. Look at the wast fires in California, Brazil or Australia. We all are responsible to stop that as fast as possible, for us, for the younger generation and for the future generations.

That’s why my son Elias (he is 17 years old) is active in climate action movement, together with lots of other kids, pupils and students worldwide. Like me, he is interested in computer sciences and new techniques. So it was both a challenge and a pleasure for us to build up a cardano stake pool together. Meanwhile, we learned a lot and are still learning (and very thankful about that and the support of this wonderful community). We support the Cardano Single Pool Alliance (CSPA) and also set up some pools in the new testnet, to support further R&D and tests of cardano blockchain protocols.

We called our stake pool CO2-Pool [CO2P], because now we can combine our support of decentralized (energy saving) PoS-Blockchain technology of Cardano, and support climate activists from our pool owner rewards. For more information, please check our website or Twitter and feel free to contact us. We will answer within short time.

Ticker: [CO2P] Pledge: 25K Fixed fee: 340 A Variable Fee: 1.95 %

Website :

Contact: Mail:

Twitter: @Co2Pool

Discord: #8811

Telegram: @CO2Pool

Pool-ID: 11cad31f95526b86724c84b818228fc2500bca5ce9b2864a85b94058

Location : Germany, Goettingen (Lower Saxony)

Pool-Infrastructure and redundancy : relays and node hosted in Germany at 2 independent locations, on 3 different (climate neutral operated) Hetzner Cloud Servers: Ubuntu-Linux on 2-core CPU, 4 G RAM, 40 GB SSD. Everything scalable according to the technical requirements. ``

Operator experiences: A lot of idealism, general technical expertise, part-time experience with Linux and server administration , and the ability to give and get support when needed.

Why should users/delegates support our Pool?

We strongly believe that the Cardano Blockchain can help revolutionize the global financial system. Furthermore, the system contains elements that are very important for direct democracy - the democratic society of the 21st century. We are neither financial actors nor mere computer experts, but we see the importance of our pool in connecting these worlds with the activists who are working today for a better world of tomorrow. With CO2-Pool we want to build a bridge and anchor issues like Blockchain, DeFi and Voltaire in the social and political movements.

If you are only interested in earning money and having the highest possible RoS, you are certainly out of place with our (small) pool. However, we are happy about any support from delegates, which enables us to produce blocks regularly with our pool.

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