Pool Introduction [BRKB] BR Krypto-Bergbau

Pool Introduction [BRKB] BR Krypto-Bergbau

Ticker: BRKB
Pledge: 300
Fixed Fee: 340 (the minimum)
Variable Fee: 1,5%
Website: https://rose-bergbau.com
Contact: Telegram: is following Twitter: @RoseBergbau Email: b.rose@rose-bergbau.com
Pool ID: 176z7cx74266cfhrkfwwz4j5r6ew5yvfx34prxldaqsd9qel5pnq
Location: The pool is operated from Germany – BP sits in Kassel and Relays in Berlin (VPS – Strato)

Hello dear Cardano community we are Nora and Benedict from Benedict Rose Crypto Mining and today we would like to introduce you our Stake Pool BRKB and tell you a bit about our motivation.

The world is on fire!

The topic is not new but still obviously not enough is being done about the forest dying and the related consequences are noticeably growing worse every year. The forest, which is vital for the world, is dying at a rapid pace and only we all have the opportunity to change this.

I do not want to go into too much detail here but nevertheless it is my goal to sensitize one or the other.

Causes for the destruction of the forests

The biggest cause is primarily air pollution from exhaust gases such as nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. These pollutants dissolve in rain and lead to acid rain. This acid rain destroys important nutrients in the soil. Another cause is, among others, the massive use of nitrogen fertilizers in agriculture or the use of manure from factory farming. This fertilizer makes the trees grow fast but has the big disadvantage that the trees are less resistant against over diseases and parasites.

Other environmental influences such as the climatic changes in the world also contribute massively to the damage of the forests. Trees are being torn out of their roots by increasingly violent storms.

Increasingly severe and prolonged periods of heat and the resulting drought are also a major threat to our forests. Especially in Germany, fast-growing conifers were planted after the war, even in areas where they are not native. The high temperatures make the spruces very vulnerable to bark beetles and other parasites. There are hardly any real mixed forests here in Germany.

Less forest leads to longer heat periods, less habitat for animals, less storage of CO2 - a devil circle is emerging that we must break.

Our task

We still have the chance to make a difference and we will do so, and everyone has the opportunity to do so within their own limits.

Initially we will focus on our forests in Germany and donate money monthly for reforestation, forest conversion, forest protection and forest regeneration. Initially, our donations will go to plant-my-tree.de. Nora and I will then choose the places which should be supported.

In the time of 2022 we want to introduce a voting system where the community can vote where the money for the donations goes. However, we will select projects from all over the world. How much money flows where will of course be presented transparently on our homepage

Our motivation

Since we both like to hike and the sight when strolling through the woods is always a sad sight, it was also time for us to change something. With my affinity for technology has ultimately led us to think about the blockchain of Cardano and the “climate-friendly” proof-to-stake process to give a chance.

We are particularly excited about the possibility of that Cardano is being able to make supply chain management transparent. This is all still in its infancy but it has huge potential. It is an important step in the right direction to balance the financial imbalance in this world a little bit.

Our homepage is currently still being updated to eliminate errors.
On Twitter we will keep you up to date. Furthermore, a Telegram profile will follow.

The Pool

BRKB BR Krypto-Bergbau
Margin 1.5% (1% goes completely to reforestation / 0.5% will be invested in the pool initially)
Pledge 300 ADA (will be increased permanently)
Fixed costs 340 ADA (costs for server/electricity/tax/time)

Pool Hardware

I3-10100 – socket 1200
4 Cores 3,6ghz
16GB 2666 RAM
240 GB high performance SSD
IPS Vodafone

System is upgradeable at any time to meet the current specifications of the network. The blockproducer that takes over in case of failure is located 40km away from the main producer.

6 CPU vCores

Relays also run redundantly and can be upgraded at any time.

We hope that we can welcome you soon on our pool and together we can make our small contribution for a better world.

We don’t stand in any relation to Cardano, Cardano Foundation ect.

changemakers, innovators, visionaries - let’s change the world

warm greetings

Nora and Ben


Is it the same as defi’s pledged liquidity mining?

i never heard about it before. i will read about it later to give you a correct answer.


It is a liquidity mine that requires a pledge, which sounds like the same as what you presented

Well you are not wrong. because i want to reinvest 0,5% into the pool to higher the pledge in the end it´s kind of liquidity mining. But is it not normal to reinvest a part of your earnings from a business back into the business?
We will invest, beside of the 0,5%, most of the 340 ada fixed cost back into the pool aswell.

I think i know what your concerns are. If i close the pool i will get all the pledge back but if this should ever happen then we want to donate all the pledge for projects around the world.

and this is what nora and me are here for. Not for the big money but we want to take the chance as many other here to make the world a better place and we think cardano is the right way.

You have to believe that people who are playing with cryptocurrencies are greedy people, and many of the people here are hoping to get more money

That´s true but i believe that are a lot of people out there who want to do something for planet. there are a bunch of charity pools out there and im happy for every single one. and i hope they will be more in the future.

Of course it would be amazing if our pool will ever find a block. but if not and i cant attract enough delegators i will donate anyway for our projects.
The good thing is, that all of our nodes running on 100% renewable energy.

Nora and Ben

Honestly it’s hard to get donations like this, it’s good to hear you’re doing something like this for people, it’s something that benefits everyone

Dear Community,
after talking to friends, colleagues and family, as well as some people who have been active in climate protection, we have come to the decision that we are reducing our margin.

0% margin starting from the next epoch

Transparency is important for us.Therefore, we explain to you here briefly what the pool costs us, excluding time.

Monthly fixed costs
Website – 1€
Domain DynDNS – 1€
Relay1 – 9€
Relay2 – 9€
Electricity – 16€
Blockproducer is already paid. Costs only for electricity.
We are talking about 36€ monthly costs. This is really nothing.

How are 340 ADA fixed costs per epoch distributed?
Pool costs – 20 ADA / one-time in a month – Remaining epochs in the month go to donations
Reinvestment in the pool (pledge) – 120 ADA
Donations – 200 ADA + 45€ every month from us for 3 Trees on top.

How does it work out for the future?
We are not a non profit organization. That means we will take a percentage of margin in the future, never higher than 0,5%.
Higher margins will be discussed with the community. However, it is not about our own profit, but what percentage of additional donations should be taken from the pool.

Best wishes
Ben and Nora

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Hello dear Cardano Community,
a few months have passed when we started the pool in Epoch 299. The ambitions were big and with small steps we are going the right way.

What has changed since the last post?

The biggest change is our name. We chose it because the name should also reflect our heart’s desire. The focus should clearly be on forests.

Forest Stake Pool - WOOD


Plant a Tree - Safe the World

Furthermore, we are currently a passive member of Climate Neutral Cardano Group. I hope that we will soon find the time to become more active there.

We have donated 992€ to projects for the protection of our forests since the end of November. And hope we can keep up this pace.

There has also been a change in delegators. Currently we have 4 foreign delegators of which one delegator’s stake is almost 98%. 6 delegators are family members of mine who got the ADA for Christmas. The remaining 4 belong to us.

Currently we also have the project “PayBack” running. Each delegator gets a percentage of the 340 ADA fixed costs back. This project runs for 10 epochs with one block each.

  1. min. 100 ADA have to be staked

  2. the delegator must be present for at least 2 epochs with one block each to get a payout.

  3. who holds more than 80% of the total stake gets fixed 100 ADA the rest will be divided among the others.

We hope that also in the long run, after the project, the delegators will stay with us.

Today we have also found our first block and hope that the year 2022 will continue like this.

Currently we are also looking for NGOs which we can support with our donations or even start our own projects together.

Kind regards

Nora and Ben

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