Introduction of CarbonPool Stake Pool (CRBN)

Hello everybody,
I am the Stake Pool Operator of the Carbon Stake Pool. I got involved into the Crypto World last year through my Hobby Photography and minting some NFTs on Ethereum. Because of this I got more and more involved in Crypto. Since I have a background in Medicine (as an attending Physician) and IT (did study Computer science in a prior life :slight_smile: ) I was really intrigued and was amazed by the oportunities which the Blockchain technology presents.
From an Computer science standpoint I have been intrigued by Cardano and the methodological approach which the Cardano team is going.

I wanted to do my part and help the Cardano Ecosystem, so I decided to implement a single stake pool in order to support decentralization of the network.
Also I live in a region in western Germany which has been hit very hard by a flood and heavy rainfalls last year. These flooding have caused whole villages to be demolished and parts of the highway system (The Autobahn) have still not yet been fully restored.
So I wanted to also help prevent these Events by donating 40% of margin income to climate protection, ie carbon dioxide emission prevention causes.
Also we make sure that:

  • Run our servers with renewable energy
  • Ensure our server hosting is 100% carbon neutral (including Services, Delivery- and Work-Transport, and other operational pathways)

I hope you decide to stake with us, help us minting, support decentralization and do soemthing good.

Carbon Pool Pool Details

Pool Infrastructure

  • Block Producer – 8 cores and 32 GB of RAM
  • Relay Node - 6 cores and 16 GB of RAM

Operator Experience : Over 10 years of experience with software development, medicine, infrastructure, and IT operations.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your own Cardano Stake Pool, please feel free to reach out to me on the website or twitter.

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Hallo, viel Erfolg!