Basic Problems not unique to Cardano

However nevertheless important. Crypto is just that; cryptic to the average person. “White Papers” explain things very simply in my opinion but those are absolutely blank white pieces of paper for those who do not even know what ADA even is. Then arriving at this forum, it’s all discussions using patterned words and codes that are easily deciphered by those that take time to do so yet numerous barriers to entry still exist to make it more approachable whilst still remaining true to the mission, vision and values of Cardano or any other organization.

Tokenomics is rather dubious to even bring up when a fifth grader can tell anyone that 45 billion tokens that are worth half of what the “unspoken” value of the token was supposed to be in “layer 2” terms…a stable coin. Even at 1.00US dollar per token, that is not a valuation of 45 billion dollars. Who owns this 45 billion dollar company?

Ever since I joined these forums after getting doxxed by trying to reach out to various people and organizations regarding questions and concerns I have/had, I have decided to now strongly consider filing with the SEC and other various government officials because frankly the lack of transparency, lack of open and honest communication and disingenuous nature of the “we are here to help” mentality has been a thinly guised veil to protect, in my opinion, the very members of the institutions I am going to proactively continue to reach out to.

I put my real name out there in good faith. I put my profession and my concerns for safety out there online and it was taken advantage of. Period. ADA is a complete scam and my coins are forever stuck in Binance.US as they deleted my entire email to sign up and have not given me any communication to questions I had. It was my mistake thinking ADA wasn’t in bed with the same pieces of crap that have ripped off a lot of people and had numerous “institutional crashes” i cannot wait get investigated.

This is all made possible by the very people who founded the internet and continue to be leaders in computer coding. Why the average programmer doesn’t know inference and NLP I have zero idea but with ML that is completely changed. In my field of human behavior and my wife’s of human behavior and the brain and neurological studies…Cardano has had a HUGE missed opportunity in healthcare with us. Yet it’s further proof of the same wordwide systemic disadvantages 99.9% of the world will face moving forward at now an even faster exponential pace. Just heartbreaking. Charles Hoskinson…where are YOU at, what are YOU doing? I’m sorry but a few low quality youtube videos with kid like references to cartoons and other stupid references only makes you the most guilty bad actor at this table.

I feel your pain. You’re probably quite good md, but I think you don’t understand crypto. Quote below explains all.

What if I tell you that there is no company?

Cardano code is open sourced on github with Apache License cardano-node/LICENSE at master · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub

You can just download the code, probably a team of developers would be helpful. You can change the name of the token (i.e. to NEUN), you can change supply (90B, why not) and you can modify everything else according to your requirements. Then just some setup steps (network, etc.), genesis block, …


You have your own blockchain. Everything else (marketing, promotion, etc.) is on you and your team.

You just can’t use the trademark.

Regarding your Binance / Cardano / ADA vs SEC issues, here are two links that may be helpful:

“A hundred suspicions don’t make a proof.”
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment

I found this and your reply helpful and you are correct in that I am no expert in crypto. To conclude, I suppose it is just sad that there isn’t a greater effort to more seamlessly help people navigate this space on a forum such as this. I do believe in blockchain and have always given that I was an early adopter of CSGO and then OPskins (WAX). I also think that heavily peer-reviewed emphasis is contrary to the very notions of crypto and further begs the questions of “who will be reviewing” and “what will they be basing findings on from so many disciplines?” I personally have a lot of creative solutions for this including rationales for having to make adjustments.

I just found since joining the forum to discuss issues I was having with my ADA and options I could consider my situation worsened exponentially with now my ADA wrapped up with a SEC compliant company that doesn’t respond to emails for assistance. I would have loved to have done many things with ADA in the last 6 months but was unable to given that my entire email used to create my account on the exchange was deleted permanently along with many other emails I have. Even the moves to move off the exchange into other pools or upcoming rollouts doesn’t offer very much transparency nor assistance which doesn’t bode well for mass adoption anytime soon imo. Hopefully people have much more success on here than I did making the right connections. Cheers.

I can’t remember that you brought up specific problems in search for help. I also only find some rather wordy, philosophical threads from you on your user page.

Usually, we try to help out concrete problems as far as we can, but …

… with problems regarding Binance (US) or other exchanges, the Cardano community, or the Foundation, or IOHK, or any wallet app developer cannot really help much. We don’t control them.

They just trade our currency in their proprietary system, which Cardano cannot and does not want to forbid. They are often the easiest (or only feasible) way to buy ADA, unfortunately. But a lot of people in this community will tell every newcomer that it’s much nicer to get the ADA off the exchanges and into a self-controlled wallet as soon as possible.

Ready for mass adoption? Maybe not. Introductions could be better? Sure. But if people have questions, the help is quite good in all of our channels.

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