Being new to cryptocurrency

hello everybody. I am new to cryptocurrency. I bought ADA as a possible way to help my retirement. and if it didn’t work out. it would be like a bad day at Santa Anita. I do not know about nodes, staking, or candlesticks. but I would like to learn. are there books or any kind of literature about these subjects.


Hi Travis, welcome to the forum.

I’d say you don’t need to know about candlesticks unless you’ve going to be doing a lot of trading, most here would advise you to research, choose your favourite coin then buy and hold.

Nodes are simply the machines that the whole thing runs on.

There’s an overview of staking on the wiki.

And a list of links to introductory videos is on it too.

Have fun! :slight_smile:


Welcome! In my opinion you did well believing in ADA
For now it’s not important nodes, candlestick and stacking …
just try to download Daedalus ( the oficial and ONLY wallet for ADA ) and put your coin there, be cautious, this is important!!!

Sit tight and learn until 2019 and then ( in my opinion ) when you should think about candlestick and nodes

Stacking, once is live you will know here!
In YouTube look for IOHK videos, trust me it early for you all the youtubers, most of them have no idea

So, welcome and enjoy!
PS: Very important! When the markets are crushing don’t panic! Just sit tight and hold your coin

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thank you very much.

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Welcome. Exactly, no worries on those new concepts. A good project (Cardano) at a fair price is better than a fair project at a good price. Buying over time and aatch your stack grow.

Advice, get a Nano S. I know Daedelus rocks, but I think it will soon work with it and it holds other coins. This has been deduced by the obvious fact (to me?)that cold storage and staking must work hand in hand.

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Check out Google for the whitepaper. That is your best resource. Aside from that I would recommend going to the library or watching a documentary.

Cryptocurrencies or virtual monetary forms are electronic methods for trade, which are composed and used by individuals or gatherings.

In spite of the way that for the most part they aren’t controlled by legislative or monetary establishments, they’re perceived as elective cash. Bitcoin is the overwhelming coin and it is the main coin, which ended up utilized in numerous nations. Be that as it may, there are various of cryptos, some of them are even predicted to beat BTC. There are crypto conventions or extremely convoluted cryptogram activities that scramble changes of data, with the end goal of safeties.

Digital currency designers create such conventions on higher arithmetic and PC building frameworks, which makes them almost imposssible to split, which shields coins from adapting or faking. Such conventions can hide the identity of clients, make arrangements and assets difficult to append to specific individuals or gatherings.

Hi @cardead !
Since you are new to cryptocurrency, ‘why we are building Cardano’ might be a great place for you to start!

Hello Travis!
ADA is really not bad…though there are other cryptocurrencies y can try!
Remember the most important rule: don’t trust any crypto blindly! Check its site, read the feedback, follow the news.
For instance open a crypto news page: release of bitcoin core 0.16.3, the partnership of MobileGo with Xsolla and etc. Based on this info choose the tokens to invest in.