- False rewards request

I delegate my wallet to

And, I received a Collectible NFT that said: Up to 3000 ADAs reward Event /

When accessing, you are redirected to, and there is a button to request the reward, but this button drains all your funds if you sign this transaction.

Yes, there is a huge scam campaign going on for a couple of days now.

The same scheme – NFT with link to scam site is sent to wallet, scam site prompts you for a transaction of a relatively small amout of ADA, but takes a lot of rather valuable native tokens (SNEK, COPI, MIN, HUNT, MELD, …) – has been used not only with a fake BERRY “Reward”, but also with SNEK and Cornucopias.

It works scarily well since some wallet apps only give a rather short summary (“-3 assets”) in the transaction overview and users don’t realise that they are going to voluntarily sent a lot of value to the scammer. The scam site also only allows to connect with two of these wallet apps – Yoroi and Nami.

We can’t even say that such a thing – a reward event – will never be legitimate because projects do similar things from time to time. But I have never seen that they advertise it with unsolicited NFTs popping up in your wallet.

And always at least shortly check the transaction details before signing!

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