Best way to deal with youtube scams and websites

Hi Everyone

I have reported a large number of giveaway scams. Unfortunately, it takes time before the video is removed.

There is a better way. Almost all of them mention a website which tells you how you do. These sites can be reported to google and microsoft and then the browser will refuse to open. This is something that I found out recently.

You can check if the site is up by typing the site name directly in the address field. Don’t google.

This is a better way. As soon as you can’t get to the site, a new has to be registered which probably isn’t free. It also means that the scammers have to create new videos which may take some time. Therefore, it hurts more. I think the response will be faster.

Here’s a list, the two I mention are there but here you find how you can report to antivirus companys. Very handy.