Best way to Mint NFTs for the tech illiterate?

We’re a couple of artists living in the middle of nowhere (the mountain goats aren’t great to ask about this stuff) and we decided today to learn about NFTs. We also decided we would prefer (if we can figure out how) to mint them on Cardano.

We aren’t that tech savvy outside of making art with digital tools - so have been googling how to mint on cardano and have a few questions we hoped this community can help with…

  1. How can we tell if a minting offering by a service provider is a scam?

  2. Is it really that hard to mint it ourselves with 0 coding experience (for context the most code experience we’ve had was tweaking html MySpace profiles in the early oughts)?

  3. We see lots of people using randomised elements and creating 1000s of nfts with algorithms, we’re probably just going to do it manually in photoshop- does that make the nft less valuable?

  4. What’s the best way to drop a series? Should we drop a few dozen at a time or a few hundred?

Answers/thoughts on any of the above much appreciated.