Transaction not found

Placed a withdraw order 4 hours ago on Binance.US (to transfer to my Exodus wallet), and still no transaction progress. The transaction ID on the ‘processing’ order goes to a “TRANSACTION NOT FOUND” page on Less than 100ADA, but should have completed processing by now. Any idea/help?


The transaction ID from binance has validations/confirmations ?


Just shows “processing” in Binance.

Then, perhaps Binance has again “issues” and delaying the transaction

That is my suspicion. I just tried to do another ADA withdrawal on the CARDANO network, and it says “Withdrawal for this coin is currently turned off”.

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Exactly, don’t worry… ur ada are safe… binance has this “issue” often these days :joy::joy:

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That’s why I have accounts on 3 exchanges… need to be prepared for this situations :wink:

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Ya agree! Thanks for the quick responses.

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