Biometric option is disabled for Yoroi Android

I just changed phone and removed the wallet in my previous phone. In my newer phone the Sign in with your biometrics option is disabled. Phone model is Samsung A 72. please help.

Hi @yoroiusercarl,

You have your seed phrase (24 words) right? Use them to restore your wallet in Daedalus desktop app or Yoroi Google Chrome extension. Problem solved, you can access your wallet again.

Hope it helps


First phone it was abdroid?
I think this option is not supported on android… or u must set the biometric options in phone settings first


Hi, my old phone is also Android and the fingerprint is working but in my newer Android phone finger print option is disabled only in yoroi app but is already set up for unlocking device. Thank you

It’s seems they disabled it temporarly for android versions =>10 in the last release