Newly updated Yoroi wallet 4.5.2

I just updated my Yoroi walllet to 4.5.2 and now I can’t log in. At the top of the log in screen it says “Authorize with your biometrics.” I don’t see anywhere on the screen where I can authorize it. At the bottom of the screen, it says “use other login method.” I clicked on that and nothing. There is also a symbol to go back at the top left of the screen as well. I clicked it and nothing happened. Does anyone else have this issue? Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Bug, u will need to unninstall and resintall the app, then restore the wallet using the seed words

I tried to deactivate the face time authentication but didn’t helped, the only solution is to reinstall the app BUT check first if u have the seed words for the wallet


Thank you! I will do that. Is this a known bug? Do you know of anyone that has encountered this? Uninstalling it and reinstalling it would solve it? Probably too technical for me to understand how that would solve it. I am grateful and appreciate the help.


I had this issue as well and few other guys… also yoroi team is aware…