Yoroi first start: Unknown error

I am trying to launch the Yoroi app on Android 9 running ONE UI.

On fresh launch, the Yoroi logo screen with LOGIN button at the bottom shows up.

I press login and it immediately prompts to login with fingerprint. There is a dialogue box titled Authorize with your fingerprint with a smiley face at the bottom of the screen and it starts flashing. (Like it’s caught in a loop of trying to read fingerprint scan and failing). Pressing cancel crashes the app back to the home screen, but the app is still active in the open apps. Selecting the app again brings everything to the Yoroi logo screen with LOGIN.

Other times I try to start the app it again asks to “Authorize with your fingerprint” but shows no dialogue box, but it shows in red text “Unknown error” with a button below that titled “Use fallback”.

On pressing use fallback it shows a input box to either input pass code and it initiates facial unlock. It seemed to recognize my face shortly and it then launches into the “Your wallets” screen with the green “Add Wallet” button at the bottom.

I don’t remember any options for the app asking how I want to login (fingerprint, facial recognition, password).

I have not tried to add a wallet yet as it seems there is a broken experience initiating the app.