Bitcoin ETF is passed?

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Not sure it this is accurate or from a reputable source. Would think bitcoin ETF would make all the headlines. I think Bitcoin ETF is relevant to Cardano, Bitcoin and altcoins are tied closely together.

Will you take some chips with your fish ?

Haven’t heard that expression before @anon50520593, what does it mean?

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April 1st fish joke ?

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Oh that’s today!


Yep. Enjoy my fish here:

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That’s not funny.

Practical jokes are the lowest form of humor.

I do not think so. Anyway, as for the main opportunities connected to the trading, it is necessary to mention different type advisors. They are rather effective for the good income receiving.

I wonder why everyone is still waiting for a Bitcoin ETF. I just ran into a Crypto ETP from the Swiss Amun, including Cardano! Wow!
“The Amun Bitwise Select 10 Large Cap Crypto Exchange Traded Product (ETP) seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of up to top 10 cryptoassets ranked by inflation-adjusted market capitalization.”