Jesse here from Santa Cruz, California. Hey!

I wanted to invest some of my fiat USD into cryptocurrency. I decided that if I was going to pull the trigger on this, I was going to invest not just to make a profit, but to invest in a project I actually believe has potential to be something great. I’ve been reading around the Cardano Hub looking at any resources I can. I have my Daedalus wallet set up.

As it sits, I have invested exactly $0 into cryptocurrency. That’s mostly because setting up my CoinBase payment method has proven to be more arduous than I anticipated. I was trying to get into this when it was at 21 cents. I’m still happy to at 40+ cents. Setting up my coinbase to purchase a crypto, just to exchange it for another crypto, has proven just annoying. I am hoping this is a problem Cardano is set to address in the future.

I see a lot of light in this project, and I’m really trying to make my way in.

If anyone has any tips or wants to say hi, feel free.



Hi Jesse great to meet you, I’m having a similar problem as you, gonna try and sort it again tomorrow with some luck, im not very tech minded but hoping this forum will help

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Nice to meet you, too. I’m just waiting on those dumb little deposits to hit my bank account so I can confirm my bank. It’s the only thing that’s kept me from getting ADA @ .21

Let me know if you need any help, maybe we can figure this out together.

A quicker way albeit much heavier on fees is - then send to an exchange, depends how patient you are !

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Thanks. I wasn’t able to find a transaction that allowed debit/credit/paypal to ETH. Did you have any better luck?

Hi Jesse

It’s nice to see you here. Welcome on board!

Have you managed to add funds to coinbase?

Hi CyberHek I’ve sent Eth from coinbase to Bittrex over 4hrs ago there’s nothing showing at Bittrex end and coinbase says it’s pending is it usual for it to take this long or does it sound like I’ve made a mistake?

Ok my Eth is in Bittrex now, trying to work out how to buy ada with it now lol

I’m getting there I think, I’ve bought the ada and I’ve sent it to my daedalus wallet, it isn’t in yet but I take it it takes some time to show up in my wallet?

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It may take some times, depending on Bittrex… but it should all go through! :slight_smile:

That’s good to hear, with all the time it’s taking I keep thinking I’ve done something wrong and lost my money

Nothing yet. Those two confirmation deposits just won’t go through. What a drag.

Finally mine has shown up in my daedalus wallet, hope you get sorted soon Jesse

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I would definitely suggest you guys to try the Binance Route. All exchanges are struggling to cope with the crypto boom at the moment, but Binance seems to handle that new volume of investors slightly better.
Even if you’re already good with Bittrex, I find it convenient to have another exchange ready and set up in case Bittrex is congested/ not working :slight_smile:

Still nothing?

Thanks for the advice CosmosX and I’ll defo do that

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It sounds like Coinbase is being Coinbase.

Still nothing. I do plan on using Binance, though. But until I can trade my fiat USD for ETH to get ADA from Binance, I really can’t do much…

@Jesse Welcome mate, enjoy your stay :wink:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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