Bittrex withdrawal is stuck

Hi! =)

my bittrex withdrawal is stuck since 25/01. =/ happened to anybody else?


what do you mean by stuck?? Supposedly withdrawal issues from exchanges has been cleared up and working properly. If you haven’t already done so, I would contact Bittrex.

Thank you so much!
The transaction is pending since 25/01
I did not contact them yet, maybe its because its a small transaction?(100

Thanks again!



i did not know that i need to confirm withdrawals from my
email account…:sweat_smile:

thanks alot for the help anyways!
have a great weekend =)

I didn’t know you needed to confirm an email either. That might mean that you do not have 2 factor authentication enabled. If you did withdrawals would be automatic. I highly, highly, highly recommend enabling 2 factor. It seems as if most account hacks on exchanges occur when people do not use 2 factor auth… Glad your issue has been resolved.