How long does confirmation suppose to take?


hey guys how long does confirmation suppose to take ? mine is stuck at 19 for 7 days now

i have tried to transfer some ADA to Bittrex account
and withdraw was done with no issue
deposit status, mine is stuck at confirmation 19/20
i know transaction might take time but its stuck for 7days now

looked up block explorer, address,txid were all fine

i don’t know wat to do with this issue, try to reach out to Bittrex, but no response for 6 days now

anybody else had this issue before ?
or know the reason why it happen?


solved yet?


Not at all. Still on pending with same number of confirmation.


usually you need to open a github issues on technical questions like this

i’ve opened one for you


For real? I didnt know rule.
Thx for your kindness


get a github account and follow that issue hopefully the devs can fix the bug soon


thx for the guide
i will open up the github account


hey sir do you know any other approach i can take ?
delaying time is killing me now. want to take every methods tat wld help


maybe @io_jeremy can help