Block minted but still no reward;

Our pool (SADA) minted a block in epoch 268, we should receive reward by now?
When exactly rewards are paying out?

Rewards are paid out already. Perhaps you did something to the pledge that invalidated your rewards?

I changed pledge with cntools pool from 50k to 35k in epoch 269
What now?
We waited 10 epochs for the block.

I believe, you can change the pledge in the configuration, but you cannot reduce the owner stake until the payout calculation is done. To be safe, until the payout happened for the given period.

No chance to get the reward now?
I thought that reward calculation is taking in the account previous epochs.
In fact, I changed the pledge 23 days ago.

No chance. Snapshot is taken in E0, stake is active in E1, rewards are calculated in E2, payout happens in E3. You seemed to have changed something pledge related in E2 while it was calculating the rewards.

Actually no,
block was minted in epoch 268 on 30.05.2021.
I changed pledge in epoch 266 on 17.05.2021.

Iā€™m sorry, I thought it was in 269. Perhaps its because of this


Have you withdrawn those 15k before you changed the config? I have heard folks say, that you should always let pledge changes settle in before doing the actual withdraw.

In which case the pledge might not have been valid at snapshot time.


Yep, that was the case