Blockchain, IoT and military drone swarms

Just a philosophical concern about an evil programme running on a swarm of killer drones and using blockchain ?

Almost all technology is amoral, neither evil or good. If the killer drones are running on Facebook Libra will an Agi/Cardano neural net be able to protect us? Your concern may be valid, but does that mean we should try to shut down blockchain technology. History has shown that the benefits of technology will usually outweigh the risks. (unless we destroy our species, then we can all agree that technology is bad)

It’s all a question of balance as you say between benefits and risks. but it will be late to regret if our species is destroyed. Also I don’t think we will ever be totally extinct. This becomes clear when we see ourselves in a holistic way, just as parts of a much larger living ecosystem.
That been said, I think that what define us as human compared to other animals, is our capacity to give ourselves limits that are not biological, but seen how we deify technological solution, I’m starting to doubt this last statement.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against tools (or technology) but I don’t agree that they are amoral. Tools are the materialization on an intent and that intent was human and motivated. Sure a knife can save a life or help spare it, but the executioners’ knifes are usually much bigger than surgeons’.

Is there no way to make it harder to use Cardano for things that the community will have found amoral ?

That’s kind of the point of decentralized power structures and democratic voting… If they system is being used in evil/dangerous ways, the community has the ability to vote to change it, and no single entity or group can gain full control of the system. (in theory)

I’ve had similar thoughts to your original post…