Potential for Gynecoid on Cardano

It is very likely that https://atalaprism.io/ will be used by the Ethiopian government to hunt and kill unwanted citizens.

Currently there are people running to Hamdayat, Sudan from Ethiopia. IBM’s technology has been used for Eugenics on Africans on an Island that I will not mention by name and later this same technology was admired then adopted by the Nazi party to track their Jewish population.

This population was tracked monitored then systematically exterminated with a horrific end goal.

Technology is just a tool that man can use.

We should build mechanism that if someone that had control of our technology wanted to target a segment of their population for extermination, suppression, removal, property confiscation, or manipulation then our technology would protect these targeted people and could even save them from their faith.

Ethiopia is actively killing a segment of its population and our technology will give them an edge.

We need privacy features on Cardano in order to protect those that without these features would likely be exterminated off the face of the earth.

Also the American government too have been targeting and exterminating a segments of their population.

A combination of an aggressively racist administration and the Corona Virus has lead to a high number of color people dying not just in captivity but while free.

Color people make up a small percentage in the USA but they have the highest death rates.

Children are taken from parents. These kids will likely never see their parents because the government is currently actively racist. Women have been sterilized due to their native roots. Decades of Passive aggressive racism has bloomed causing people of color to fear for their lives.

These same agencies were and are also used against Caucasian American citizens that are considered enemies by the government. There is a clear abuse of power.

Please let us consider improvements to the protocol. For the sake of the future of humanity. .

I have provided a video with a report on the ground in Ethiopia.


You seem to have misconceptions about Blockchain technology and Self sovereign identity like Atala prism. It will have the opposite effect to your concerns. It would be impossible for anyone to erase anything or anyone. In fact it would be possible to reinstate the millions that are erased from society in the last 50 years by allowing the community to fill the gap.


I am very well versed in blockchain technology. The classic SHA-256 is secure as far as authenticating the transaction do I can build something to track anyone on that blockchian.

Mimblewimble shuffles the coins of multiple addresses which obfuscates the transaction do if you run a sniffer node you could in theory attack the network for like 100 bucks unless they implemented checkpoints.

Ring Signature technology is thought to be one of the most resilient of them all with the claim of fully private transactions.

Do the CEO of IOHK has discussed his own approach to a privacy protocol stating that IOHK protocol would be far more advanced.

A digital ID could be used to monitor individuals. It is likely that the Ethiopian government used their current ID system to hunt their hated citizens.

They are using the military and police to kill them right now. All our technology monitors us.

It is a question of how do we prevent them from implementing anything that would lead to gynecide?

How do we improve privacy for the average individual not just the super rich?

How do we secure everyone’s freedom and preserve democratic principles?

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This may be a depressing discussion for those who are unfamiliar with Ethiopian politics. There has been an ethnic based killings and disappearances for the last 40 years in the country that was off the radar because of complete control by the authorities of information flow. Most of this disappearances and killings were sanctioned by the authorities.

Self Sovereign Identity can stop this.

SSI is the perfect protection against impunity and genocide.

With self sovereign identity

  1. It is primarily the individual (or her trusted community) that decides what and with whom to share any information. Of course the government collects information about the individual as a matter of law but the individual is made aware of it. But the government or authorities can not delete or erase the person out of existance.
  2. There is a reduced risk of information being misused with SSI compared to other identity systems, because transactions or access can be traced back.
  3. It gives the individual the ability to represent herself in front of all of humanity. That’s what democracy is. No one can claim bogusly to represent her.
  4. The existence of a permanent record of the individual through Self Sovereign identity gives some protection to the individual from attack by the government or any other entity.
  5. Any entity that wants to commit genocide doesn’t want SSI that is implimented on an open blockchain environment like Atala Prism. It doesn’t want the record of its victims anywhere.

There are a lot of attack vectors in the digital realm when it comes to privacy. SSI gives the individual a better option to protect her privacy than any other system.


You’re talking about digital identity but I got the impression that the problem was physical disappearances/killing?


Yes!! What was happening in Ethiopia and in Africa in general is that they don’t only kill but they erase the existence of the person from records.
The ability to erase the record encourages impunity and more killing. The existence of immutable records will have a preventive effect.
It is not an exaggeration to say SSI can save lives.

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OK I get it now, thanks for explaining.

Is Cardano being forced on Ethiopians by the government? My understanding is that 1) it is not yet operational, and 2) it will be an opt in system, voluntary, and not forced on the population. I think your concern of technology used for unethical means is valid, but I just don’t see Cardano being used in this way. The entire system relies on the support of the global community, and while genocide does happen, it is not very popular on the global scale, and not a good marketing tactic.

IOHG is focused on building African Digital Banking and ID infrastructure. I think they will accomplish their set goals.

Facebook and twitter were not intended to be used by some Buddhist extremists in the indoctrination of people that then exterminate Muslim minorities in Myanmar yet it is currently happening.

What if we build a voting system in which node operators can vote to encrypt the data of the people that are about to be targeted if the government breaches human rights standards stipulated in the smartcontract.

We can easily track an extermination attempt since they are using a ledger system. It is an unsavory subject do we can build smartcontract to mitigate or even prevent authoritarian extermination attempts.

Putting our heads in the ground and trying to just ignore anything negative is what lead to the pandemic.

I’m not suggesting we ignore everything negative… but I think the whole point of decentralized crypto, and Cardano is to have community owned and operated infrastructure. Spend some time understanding https://www.atalaprism.io/

“Use Cases
Atala PRISM enables the issuance of digital identities and credentials that users own, control, and share easily, securely, and privately. Credentials are instantly verifiable from anywhere, removing the need for third-party verification services.”

The government will not be able to use this to track and target you, it’s not a database on a centralized government server. The individual owns and controls their identity information, and choose how and when they share it.

" For Empowered Individuals

Open up a world of opportunity by empowering individuals to own their personal data and access a myriad of services.

Read More

  • Become the sole owner of your digital identity and data. Use and retain ownership across all platforms.
  • You are in charge of your data. Send it only to people and organizations you trust.
  • Manage who can access your data. No more third parties snooping into your private information without your knowledge or consent.
  • Store all your important credentials like your identity, licenses, or qualifications in one safe, portable place, right on your phone.
  • Instantly access a variety of services. No more forms, passwords, or wasted time."

There may be potential for genocide, however Cardano and Atala can be tools used by individuals to help prevent such abuse of authority.

I like the moto:

There is no technological solutions to human problems, only human solutions, or solutions to technological problems.

That’s a very common confusion. I would not rely on Cardano to solve any human problem unless we consider ourselves technological beings.

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