IOHK, Africa and ADA

First of all, my apologizes for this question and second, my apologizes if this question is dumb… but why IOHK would create a new token to Africa instead to use ADA ?

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The Atala project will be fully interoperable with the Cardano mainchains. Therefore any user that is on the Atala system will have full access if they wish to the full Cardano ecosystem, through daedalus, dApps etc… Therefore this means that by providing a the permissioned ledger tech that suits the Addis Ababa project, we are bringing many more MANDATED users into the Cardano ecosystem.

ADA is not suited to all use cases, such as the permissioned ledger tech that many companies/ govs need/want so by providing Atala, the project is providing a market for many more users.

Govs/ companies do NOT want permissionless ledgers such as ADA, why would they give up control to a decentralised system, when they want to store large amounts of data, or use utility tokens for specific use cases.

Therefore, by IOHK providing the Atala project, we are bringing those govs/companies into the ecosystem that would never have a reason to come here otherwise…

This opens MORE doors for the community, by bringing more users in who would not otherwise be interested. Also, govs can mandate the use of their specific Atala blockchain, meaning that all the citizens of that country/ state MUST use the system.

Now because Atala is interoperable with the Cardano mainchains it means that all those users can now fully integrate with ADA, Daedalus, the dApp store and all the other features that the main ecosystem has… All it’ll take is a click of a button for these mandated users to interact with Cardano


No sane government in the world will ever adopt Cardano itself as a native system for their country. Nor will they adopt any other open permissionless decentralised system. No one would rationally ever expect that. Only 10 years of blind crypto-idealism, imo, managed to bring humanity to the point when people get actually surprised by this thought.

Any government will always want to have a closed, permissioned, private system. The question is who supplies them with a system like that, and whether this system gets natively connected to Cardano for full interoperability.

This was literally the initial plan that I have heard from CH and IOHK long back when I had personally yet nothing to do with Cardano. You would never be able to put everyone in the world under the same single system. The trick is to interconnect the systems.

Private chains for countries. Cardano for the world.


Thank you Vantuz !

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very cool… I did not know.