Evangelizing Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies, and Cardano

I’m interested in hearing from members of the community thoughts on evangelizing Cardano, as well as crypto in general, and ideas for disseminating information to the public.

I believe that blockchain may be the most disruptive technology since fire (or, at least, money).
The “Lords and Masters” of modern society are vested in maintaining the status quo, and will throw everything they have into killing blockchain.
I also think that it will take a majority of the public to defeat the “Lords and Masters”.

How do we get public opinion on our side?
When is the best time to engage the general public?

Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated!

The public opinion is very much already on our side, in the U.S State of Wyoming the legislation there will be voting on a bill that will protect people that wish to launch an ICO which shows that Lords and Master’s are all on our side - in the case of Crypto they are playing catch up.
As it goes for cardano people like myself have to sort through the mass amounts of info to find the qualities of ADA before they can realize its benefits, but it has an upper hand holding a top ten position in crypto as far as Marketcap goes, investors begin to research crypto and ADA will be examined as a possibility, with new products coming over the next year it might begin to make crypto news and I expect Charles with IOHK to begin to receive request’s for interview from mainstream media outlets soon.
If some of the original investors really wanted to move ADA to the masses they could easily drop 10,000 ADA into a very effective marketing campaign that would evangelize it in the area that they were targeting, billboards are an effective campaign and 1.000,000 ADA invested in Billboard advertising would drive distribution of ADA to an unprecedented drive in altcoins, money talks - wearing a cardano T-Shirt would boost the awarness even.

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