Evangelizing Cardano locally in the USA

Hi - I understand that Cardano’s focus will be in Asia but wanted to get a feel for any ideas on how to get USA based folks excited with Cardano. I envision myself evangelizing locally and going to like my local Church and signing up as many people to the Cardano/Daedalus wallet and helping them dollar cost average monthly into it on an ongoing basis. So when the transition does happen folks will have eased into it.

Any thoughts on if folks are doing this?

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It’s hard to evangelize something so unfamiliar (cryptocurrency) to lay people… Sure, I’d like grandma to understand and accept it as well as me, but it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. The “in” with most people is going to happen in a top down manner… Cardano needs to reach out to government, corporations, etc - entities with a ‘built in’ trust relationship with its customers/people… and slowly ease them into the concept.

Preaching it to individuals…is a tall order unless they are tech savvy.


Yes I agree. However, we can both agree that the hardest part of adoption is the front end collugy experience to entering Crypto’s. The user experience at least initially needs a middle man to evangelize and perhaps even baptize/handhold the individual’s who have the capacity to understand or there is an underlying trust with the individual evangelizing initially until critical mass is adopted institutionally and the “switch/jedi mind trick” happens with the online banking experience naturally.