Bonjour de Claude du Québec in Canada | I am Claude from Quebec in Canada

Always loved investment and technology. So I am here to learn more about what I believe is the best project in the cryptoassets market.

My goal is to discuss cryptoassets and specifically Cardano with french Quebeckers here in my province. So before I can do that, I must learn and hopefully become an expert in Cardano.

Obviously, I am also a small long term investor in ADA.


Salut Claude et Bienvenue!

I grew up in Montreal and am currently living in Boston. Cardano is indeed a great project and this forum is the best place to learn from fellow enthusiasts and contribute to the success of our growing community. Enjoy!

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Merci pour le mot de bienvenue, c’est apprécié. Have fun!

Bonjour Claude et bienvenue!!

francophone vivant au Pays-bas. C est bien que la communaute francophone s aggrandit smile:

Hi @claude and welcome to the community

Merci pour le mot de bienvenue. Je faire mon effort de guerre pour que plusieurs québécois rejoigne la communauté au cours des prochaines années.

Thanks Doskad…

Hello Claude! I lived most my life in Gaspe, QC. I now live in Ontario but it is nice to see a fellow Quebecer!

Hello Windtech… Gaspe is no nice. Bit too much snow in the winter for me. Got plenty where I am.

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Salut! Ca va? J’aime le Montreal.

Yep! All is fine in my neck of the woods…J’aime aussi Montréal!!!

I am 2 hours from the big city… but lived there for 20 years when I was young.

Merci de me saluer!

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