Hi from Montreal, Bonjour de Montreal

Hi, I’m Robert from Montreal. Cardano is my favorite project and I was wondering if there were any others from Montreal or Quebec? Would love to be involved in a meetup

Salut je m’appelle Robert de Montreal. Cardano est mon projet prefere et je voulais savoir si il y avait du monde de Montreal ou Quebec dans ce forum? Si oui ca serait interessant d’organiser un meetup.


You can ask Quentin. https://twitter.com/wnipos
He is from Quebec and he runs the French Cardano Podcast.
A great guy!

Not sure tho if he will do meetup but good to have contact with.

Welcome, used to go up to Montreal when I worked in Essex junction Vermont. Nice town. Poutine is delicious… Now I want some poutine.

LOL can’t wait till we can buy Poutine with ADA :yum:

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Hello Robert! Im in Toronto otherwise would love to arrange a meetup :slight_smile: Anyways welcome to the forum and the Cardano community! All the best!

Did you go to the meetup in Toronto on Monday?