BP stopped connecting to all outgoing and lost sync

My BP (cntools) has been running fine for some time. Yesterday it fell out of sync and I noticed that it no longer connected to my relays (no outgoing connections). I don’t see any issues with my firewall or routing. After rebooting it will no longer connect to any relays or sync.

I have tried quite a bit.

  • prereq.sh -f
  • recompiled 1.35.3
  • verified my router/port forwarding

Anyone have any ideas??? I am stuck.

Here is the results of: journalctl --unit=cnode --follow -q


sorry to hear that. Can you check that you can connect to any relay? like do a simple telnet/cncli test

echo quit | telnet relays.stakepool247.eu 3001 2>/dev/null | grep Connected

or using cncli tool:

cncli ping --host relays.stakepool247.eu --port 3001

as it looks like it can’t connect to other relays… so it just stops trying. Check the topology file, maybe you have some old/non-existing relay nodes there…

let us know how it goes.
also, can you post a longer log file?



This ping command was very helpful. Because I lost connection to multiple relays seemingly at the same time I thought the issue was with my BP. But with this ping command I have been able to find the issues with my relays, and more specifically with my ddns service/cfg of these relays.

Great to hear that you are back in business :+1: