My BP is showing 0 Incoming 1 Outgoing

Ive edited the Topology files, updater and json.
My BP shows 0 Incoming and P2P Disabled on both relay and BP.
What am I missing?

nodes are synced? If yes then check ufw (firewall rules)

from BP
telnet Relay IP cnode_port
from Relay
telnet BP_IP cnode_port

custom peers should be uncommented (delete # )

Nodes are synced
I have removed the # in front of custom peers line and put relay IP and vice versa on the relay.


To Action From
– ------ ----
[ 1] xxxx ALLOW IN Anywhere
[ 2] 6000/tcp ALLOW IN Anywhere
[ 3] 6000/tcp ALLOW IN
[ 4] xxxx/tcp ALLOW IN

On relays, inside script to custom peers, you will need to add the BP IP, cnode_port;
On BP u should not use topologyUpdater and add the Relays IPs inside topology.json file


The relay topology is uncommented and has the BP IP and cnode port
Ive re-commented the topolgy updater on BP
The relay is the only outgoing peer and the topology.json only has the Relay info (on the bp)

The nodes are synced and the BP is running as core.
I just cant get any incoming on the BP and p2p keeps showing disabled on BP and relay

Whats the output of the commands? Do u see connected?

I figured it out.
I restarted the Nodes as a system service. This way it told the relay to look to the topology updater.
Thanks for the help @Alexd1985

Ahh… of course u needed to restart the nodes