BTC paper wallet > to ADA ? How?

Hi Friends… I am a newby.
I have a small amount of BTC on a secure paper wallet that I created with a friend who knows all this stuff (but is on the other side of the world now).

I would somehow like to convert this BTC into ADA… can anyone suggest to me how to do this. Should I first create an online wallet somewhere??
…then somehow use my private key to get this BTC into this online wallet?? …then from the online wallet use the BTC via Binance to buy ADA??

Thanks for any suggestions!

Mate wait for you friend. Never give out your private key to anyone online. You will lose your funds.

OK, thanks… I will think more carefully on this :slight_smile:

i suggest you to read enough about wallets in general till you are confident with using them.

Yes exactly… I’ll do that…